Community Homestay Volunteering and Internship Programs (VIP)

Volunteering and Internships2

Real work experiences.

100% connections. 

Community homestays provide unique experiences and opportunities to immerse into local community, live with local families, engage in local culture and daily life, and gain local knowledge and understanding whilst supporting local economic development.
In community homestays, local people plan and administer programs and itineraries for guests, and gain great value in mutual learning, sharing ideas, whilst reinforcing local values and customs among fellow community members whilst generating income.
Community homestay is one of the fastest growing alternative approaches to community development in less developed and less accessible regions across the globe.

Why community homestay?

  • Majority of organisations that facilitate volunteering and internships focus on the needs and problems of communities.  In contrast, communities offering homestay programs focus on opportunities. The locals find value in identifying what their community has, rather than what it lacks.  They organise livelihood trainings, manage their natural and built (though scarce) resources, and consistently expand their networks.
  • The local community focuses on the process rather than the outcome. Social interactions between hosts and visitors promote mutual learning and reinforcement of local values, a mutual understanding of each other’s cultural identities.

How we do it

  • We connect students with community organisations that offer work experiences in a wide range of areas and across disciplines.
  • We orient students with community issues and expectations in order to maximise information exchange, reinforcement of cultural values and development of genuine relationships.
  • We identify and match students’ skill sets that would be an asset to the community, we match interests, values and appropriate skills in order to achieve the most desirable outcomes.
  • We ensure a local supervisor is present to monitor the students’ activities and general welfare throughout the program duration.

Our Local Partners


1 GK Pueblo


2 Phong Nha


7 Battambang


5 Koh Prathong


4 Royal Mount


6 Tribal Mission


3 Banteay


8 GK Milagros

* Program costs vary depending on the numbers.
We require minimum of 3 participants for at least 35 days
Included in the prices are accommodations, meals, activities, program-related tours, supervision, administration and housekeeping.
We provide 24/7 professional support from our local host supervisors.
Travel costs (plane fares, airport transfers, visas and insurances) are NOT included.

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