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If you want to learn natural farming technology, come to the Tribal Mission House. Our demonstration farm promotes organic farming practices that involvesfermentation in making feeds for livestock [swine and chicken] and and fertilizer for plants.  Guests can learn this technology while volunteering in the farm. Proceeds of the farm fund our operations and community projects.  Guests who have medical backgrounds and interests can participate in our TOUCH Project (Training and Outreach on Community Health) in indigenous communities, particularly when visits coincide with our program schedule. We also facilitate other community learning experience depending on the time allotted for cultural orientation andactual length of stay in the community.

We are located close to a variety of tourist attractions including the Philippine Eagle Center, various orchid farms, rice farms that also practice integrated rice farming, and production of cat fish and ducks.  We are also surrounded by a number of farms that produce fresh fruits at low price. From July to September our street is lined with makeshift huts selling fruits like mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones, pomelo and durian sold at lower-than-market price.


Tribal Mission House has two studio type accommodations: One can accommodate 3pax and the other four persons. You will have a small sitting area and a kitchen with shared toilet & bathroom.  We also have 6 dorm-type rooms with bunk beds which can accommodate 6pax with own toilet & bath.   All rooms have electric fans.  Toiletries are not provided but towels could be rented.  Rooms are cleaned daily although there are additional charges if guests want to change linens. Guests may cook their own breakfast and have access to our big kitchen and di ning area good for 50 pax.  We have small garden area; pigpens; fertilizer house. We are surrounded by trees. and10minutes walk from the highway.


Smoking and drinking alcohol is not allowed; Loud music is also discouraged; You can wear sleeveless and shorts [but not very short shorts].

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Come to the Tribal MIssion House and learn from our indigenous community health programs and organic farming practices.

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Duration: 4 days
Max people: 16
Price: Adult: $165.00 - Children: $75.00
Adults: Children: Travel Date:

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