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Taun Gusi Village is surrounded by a large area of paddy field, so peaceful and tranquil. We usually invite our guests to play traditional music instruments, try-on traditional costumes, participate in the traditional parang making, participate in the traditional dance, and to experience the communal home dining style.


We love our culture and tradition and aspire that this will pass on to  the younger generations. We are known by the world community through our unique culture. We always ask our people to respect and to practice our local culture and tradition and to be more responsible in maintaining the environment for the benefit of everyone.

All Homestay operators at Taun Gusi Village Homestay are Muslims. Our guests are not allowed to bring in or to consume non-halal food at the home of their host.  No consumption of alcohol is allowed. Shoes should never be worn in the house, rooms and sometime in the verandah.


We offer a total of 24 rooms, most of these are double rooms, while 4  are single.    All of these can accommodate upto a maximum of 52 adults and 20 children.

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Homestay Tours and Activities

You will take river cruises to see the proboscis monkeys and fireflies; and go to river picnic/fish spa, beach picnic areas, and paddy fields.
Visit to the traditional costume making workshop, particularly the making of Bajau Parang; engage in farming demonstrations at the commercial paddy field. On Sundays, visit and enjoy the open market.

Experience the unique cultures of the Bajau community and the locals' lifestyles and traditions. See for yourself the riding skills of the Bajau Horsemen also known as the Cowboys of the East, Bajau Parang-making. Play and experience the traditional musical instruments and watch the performance at the annual Tamu Berar parade.

How to book: (1) Click ‘Book Now’ to submit a booking enquiry or request, (2) Wait for confirmation via email, (3) Finalise payments via PayPal or credit card (4) Contact your host.

Duration: 3 days
Max people: 24
Location: MALAYSIA
Price: Adult: $90.00 - Children: $45.00
Adults: Children: Travel Date:

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