Our community is located at Chitwan National Park, which is world Heritage site of UNESCO.  We are surrounded with beautiful and rare flora and fauna like the Royal Banagal Tiger, One Horn Rhino, Ghariyal Crocodile, various elephants, bears, and over 500 species of birds.

Tourists come to this place to experience Elephant Back Ride Safari, Jeep safari, Jungle Walks or overnight stay in the Jungle, Bird watching and participating in cultural activities such as the cultural dance performance and traditional agricultural activities.

Experience diverse cultures during the Tharu Festival, Hindi Festival, Tihar Festival, Dashain Festival, Holy Festival and New Year festivities.  During the International Elephant Ceremony, you can also witness the Elephant Football Competition or visit the Elephant


We are located to close to ancient Hindu Temples and the Elephant Breeding Centre.  During the International Elephant Ceremony, you can also witness the Elephant  Football  Competition.    Our homestay is only 5km from Mahendra Highway and 10 minutes from the tourist bus.  We are accessible to internet cafes, markets, banks and shops.


Our community promotes ‘Back To Nature”.  We produce organic fruits and vegetables, particularly mangoes, lychee, papaya and banana.  We help each other preserve our culture and traditions especially during Hindu Festival, Buddhist Festival.



You can choose from a variety of accommodation types.  We have single and double bedrooms in a 4 bedroom house that can accommodate upto 8 persons.


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Homestay Tours and Activities

Choose from various homestay tours and adventure types including a jeep safari, elephant back ride safari, jungle walk, overnight stay in the jungle of Chitwan national Park. We can also facilitate visits in other places in Nepal.

Find the most exotic flora and fauna and visit the nearby Chitwan National Park, which is world Heritage site of UNESCO where you can experience traditional customs and participate in festivals and enjoy elephant rides, jungle walks and, bird watching.

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Duration: 1 day
Max people: 1
Price: Adult: $45.00
Adults: Children: Travel Date:

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