Panauti is a historical and hidden gem of Nepal. History mentions, in early 18th century then king of Bhaktapur gifted Panauti state as a dowry to his sister. As time goes by, Panauti still holds an apex reputation for its beautiful temples, arts & crafts, festivals, and tradition.  Panauti nestles at the confluence of two religious rivers Rosi and Punyamati.  It is substantially a pious city. In Nepalese culture, people put strong faith in bathing, or simply, visiting these sacred rivers wipes off the anxieties and sins. On special occasions, people pay their visit to Panauti from the different corners of Nepal, as a tribute to the Holy River and to the city itself. But every now and then, devotees are normally seen by the river – worshiping for their family and for themselves.


Panauti Community Homestay offers comfortable and well-furnished rooms, and modern bathrooms with hot water facility. Meals are cooked by the host family and any interested individual is more than welcome to join cooking with locals. A predominantly Newar community, Panauti offers one of the delicious cuisines and architectures of Nepal. Once a royal dowry, this city is a beautiful hamlet which residents still believe in traditional hospitality, manners, and admiration.


Panauti Community Homestay provides a platform to women with a sustainable source of income. This project is, basically, based upon “About Women By Women”.  This project will bring new hopes and confidence among women. As to converse with guests, local women, who had never been to school, are now learning English language.
The host family is also the potential guide for any incoming guests. Since hosts are learning English, it would be easy for guests to understand the particular culture better and, on the other hand, our local will also get a chance to have a slightest glance into the Western Culture.


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Homestay Tours and Activities

- Panauti Museum is the newly established museum, which is situated in the center of the town that displays various Newari antique collections. - Siran Chaur (3 min walk): This large open field is the center for the sporting activities and spectacular Mountain View. - Bhimsenthan - A Hindu temple, which is merely 10 min walk away, is highly regarded holy site for the worship of the god of strength, power and business. - Kapalkot Hill is a picturesque picnic spot. This spot offers beautiful sights of the Himalayan range, and tiny but beautiful settlement of Brahim ethnics. - Namo Buddha Temple is one of the famous and holy places for Buddhist. At this point, one's eye will be entertained by the infinite sight of Himalayan range. This place is reachable through hiking and cycling. - Phulchoki is situated at a height of 2762m to the north of Panauti. It is 7 hrs drive from Panauti, but this point comes with an excellent 'view-point' for the both Himalayan ranges and the Kathmandu valley. Our homestay activities include farming demonstrations, trekking, volunteering, cooking demonstrations and arts and crafts engagement.

Experience local farm life and be immersed in the cultural heritage and ancient natural landscape of Regional Nepal at the Panauti Community Homestay.

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Duration: 1 day
Max people: 1
Price: Adult: $110.00 - Children: $55.00
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