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Once an ancient capital of Nepal, Nuwakot is just a couple of hours away from Kathmandu Valley. Where a little roadside village, beautiful and silent settlement, awaits to offer an opportunity to the rest of the world about their traditional lifestyle, living standards, and typical moral values of Nepal.

Nuwakot Community Homestay project has twelve homes that offer accommodation, which is basic, furnished, clean, and comfortable. Guests will be well looked after by the host family – always happy to welcome the participation of guests into their daily lives.

Revenue generated from the ‘Homestay’ project goes to support the local government school, which is the prime objective of this project.


As a community project, we are trying to operate our only government school, which is in much vulnerable condition, from the generated revenue  Revenue will support the school to fill up essentials equipment to ease learning and understanding process for rural local students. This project then hopes that traditional farmers, who still rely on rainwater for irrigation, will get an optional platform to generate income for their better future. This project also takes responsibility to turn this village into ‘no plastic’ zone.


Guests can make this place as a base camp for a hike to Langtang Himalaya.

Nuwakot Durbar, a beautiful palace from the 12th century is one of the beautiful examples of arts and crafts of Nepal, is easily reachable from this project. Since this palace residence at the top of the hill, a pleasant sight of Langtang Himalayan range is expectable.  There are few big and small waterfalls within the walk away from the homestay.  Guests can enjoy sports like football, volleyball with locals and students.

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Homestay Tours and Activities

Nuwakot Community Homestay operates in a farming neighborhood. Most of the inhabitants have been relying on farming since the early period of their time. So, during farming seasons, guests can cooperate, involve. and help local farmers to work on their fields. Guests help locals to plant seedlings. However, 90% of guests who have previously been to this place have rather turned the field into a mud fight arena for themselves. These turns out into a lively play time in the mud amongst the guests and the farmers who also enjoyed it themselves. Other activities include environment awareness programs, volunteering, trekking, arts engagement, swimming and biking.
The aftermath of the April and May earthquakes saw the rise of volunteers in Nepal. Royal Mountain Travel as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities, and in collaboration with Community Homestay Tourism Network, initiated to make Volunteer Tourism possible in an organized manner. We have developed the program, keeping in the mind that the maximum benefits shall be given to the communities and places we visit. Starting with a couple of days in Kathmandu, we start with our visit to Nuwakot, where we shall spending 5 days doing volunteering activities. We will be staying with the local people at their very own houses, and our major volunteer works will be focused on reconstruction and rebuilding the Shree Pancha Kanya Higher Secondary School.

Witness traditional farming and traditional rural life at the Nuwakot Community Homestay near the ancient former capital of the Kathmandu Valley.

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Duration: 3 days
Max people: 18
Price: Adult: $110.00 - Children: $55.00
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