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Namasari Village Community Homestay is a fantastic launching pad to explore some of the major attractions of Gaua island. Tours could be done either on foot and/or via boat, including visits to Lake Letas, Mt. Garet Volcano and the Siri waterfall. The surroundings are typical of tropical rainforest ecosystems, where incredible biodiversity could be observed.

Namasari itself is a magical place rich in traditional biodiversity, culture and history. The community plants and harvest all their food and prioritise the use of natural materials to build/decorate their houses, shelters, traditional clothing and everyday items. Namasari Village Community Homestay has been leading educational campaigns that raise awareness on the importance of conserving native biodiversity, traditional beliefs and practices. Also on associate strategies to promote sustainable tourism.

Diverse festivals with traditional dancing, feasts and storytelling attract visitors from all over the world. The community is Anglican-based faith that attends a church service in the village every Sunday (day of rest). It is advised that women wear only skirts or dresses/shorts that cover shoulders and knees.


Weul Bungalows in Namasari village offer 3 small bungalows with maximum capacity of  2 guests each. Showers and toilet blocks are located outside of the bungalows and are shared between guests.

Other facilities consider a common kitchen and dining bungalow which overlooks the garden and shoreline of the village. The kitchen and dining bungalow are aimed at fostering interaction between visitors and their different cultures.

Price per guest/night includes all day meals. Electric fans, access to first aid kit, park & playground for kids and use of refrigerator are also facilitated.


Namasari Village Community Homestay is located on the North-East coast of Gaua island in Vanuatu (Losalava area; Torba province).

Gaua island is located in northern Vanuatu and is known as being the second and largest most populous of the Bank islands in Vanuatu. The population of Gaua lives upon a traditional agricultural economy that combines fishing and horticulture.


(i) Access by Car: it is only a 20 minute drive north from the airport, along the coastline. Under request, a private car with driver could be provided, taking approximately 20 minutes to drive and costing approximately USD25 one way.

(ii) Walking access: for the more adventurous visitors, they could also access the village by moderately walking 1 hour along the rocky and hilly road.

Best time of year to visit is from March to November, nevertheless visitors are welcome to visit at any time.

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Homestay Tours and Activities

Fees for tour guides and activities are negotiable according to the type of tour or activity. (i) Guided tours by boat to the historic Namasari village and sites of cultural and spiritual significance: guests will be able to witness the mesmerizing women's water music performance, walk to the nearby home and outdoor gallery of local artists (Josh Denny and his wife), visit food gardens, and learn/enjoy local gastronomy and typical dishes. (ii) St. Andrew's Day and Salav Festival: On the 30th of November (St. Andrew´s Day), the village celebrates the Salav Festival. The celebration includes a unique church service and several displays of incredible traditional custom dances and cultural activities difficult to find anywhere else in Vanuatu and world. Church service begins early morning followed by several cultural activities including traditional dances performed by men, women and children who have been granted the right to perform by the village's Chief of traditional custom. Often, sacred dances including Kwat and Wokwordung are part of this festival, in addition to public dances and the wonderful and lively water music performances at dusk and learning how to weave baskets and mats (amongst others). In the evening, there are other activities such as comedy, magic and general entertainment that take place. Festival pass for Salav Festival is USD250 per person, which includes 2 nights accommodation, meals, village tour and return airport transport. (iii) Other available activities (upon request): from the village guests could choose to trek for few hours and visit the major attractions of the surroundings: Lake Letas, Mt. Garet volcano, Siri waterfall and historic site.

Namasari Village Community Homestay is a fantastic launching pad to explore some of the major attractions of Gaua island on foot and via boat, including Lake Letas, Mt. Garet Volcano and the Siri waterfall. The surrounding areas are set amongst lush tropical rainforest where some of the friendliest people from Vanuatu inhabit.

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Duration: 1 day
Max people: 1
Location: VANUATU
Price: Adult: $80.00 - Children: $80.00
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