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Leweton Community Homestay, located in Espiritu Santo Island (Vanuatu), attracts visitors from all over the world interested in enjoying unique cultural shows with traditional dances, kava tasting and music performances with exotic instruments.

Locals are strongly connected to the powers of water and have for generations enjoyed festivals that celebrate its existence. The performance of the Magical Women’s Water Music,  is a musical celebration where women are dressed in traditional costumes made from flowers, leaves, coconuts and pandanus and, they stand waist deep in the ocean, creating unique tonal and rhythmic percussion by slapping, splashing, and paddling the water. Visitors are more than welcome to join the music and dance with locals.

Within Espiritu Santo and around the world, Leweton Cultural Experience – the name of our performing group – has become recognised for their performance of the traditional water music. Recently they developed their performance to re-imagine expressions of intangible cultural heritage in the form of Matto, a fusion of traditional beats and rhythms with contemporary ukulele-led melodies and soaring vocal harmonies.  Through diligence and hard work, the Leweton Community Homestay successfully raised the funds to establish a “cultural village” with a purpose-built pool, meeting place, dance arena and kitchen. They also facilitate traditional weaving, cooking, percussion, and storytelling workshops.

Local communities are predominantly Christians and they are quite conservative. So, visitors are encouraged to have clothes that are light and cool, but also to make sure you have clothes that cover your arms and legs so that you are comfortable participating in Sunday church activities – as well as for protection during the evening activities when the mosquitos are biting.


Guests capacity at Leweton Community Homestay is flexible. There is no min-max number of visitors.

All rooms include bathroom facilities, linen and towels, function hall and park & playground for children. Our village will be happy to mind your children – in fact your children will probably enjoy the Leweton Community Homestay even more than you will!

All meals are included in the per night/guest cost,


The Leweton Community Homestay is located in Luganville, a small town from the south-east corner of Espiritu Santo Island (Vanuatu). The island is one of the largest in Vanuatu, inhabited by diverse indigenous communities and migrants from elsewhere.

Locals refer to Luganville as Canal, which reflects the importance of this strait in the heritage of the town, in terms of shipping, port and harbour services, wharves and its picturesque charm.


Luganville has an international airport, currently with only one weekly inward and outward international flight but numerous domestic flights. It is in fact the hub to access all northern islands from Vanuatu.

(i) Access by Taxi: taxis take about 5 minutes drive to the community homestay, and cost approximately USD$ 20.

(ii) Walking access: guests are also welcome to walk, as Leweton Community Homestay is only 1 km far from the airpot.

Visitors could visit anytime though it is important to consider that cyclone season is from January to April every year.

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Homestay Tours and Activities

There are many recreational areas including "La Place" or Unity Park where visitors could catch the breeze and have a dip in the Canal and also eat at the local kiosks which are great value. Its also only a short stroll to the market where there is wonderful fresh produce. The market is next to the Sarakata River. Luganville has several bars and restaurants, hotels and resorts, mainly located around the town  and on the beaches around the coastline. It is also the site of one of the world’s most accessible wreck dives. Scuba diving is very popular here. Tours are flexible and will depend on visitors preferences. Some activities planned could consider kava tasting and dancing, magic shows, cooking, dancing, preparation for ceremonies, weaving, carving and singing.

Leweton Community Homestay, located in Espiritu Santo Island (Vanuatu), attracts visitors from all over the world interested in enjoying unique cultural shows with traditional dances, kava tasting and music performances with traditional instruments".

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Duration: 1 day
Max people: 1
Location: VANUATU
Price: Adult: $125.00 - Children: $50.00
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