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GK Pona Village supports 67 housing beneficiaries in our GK Pona Village in Libmanan, Cam Sur.  From the time it was established in 2006, its B&B studio units and homestays have housed several volunteers, researchers and travelers who wanted to make a contribution in rebuilding the lives of the families who previously lost their homes due to calamities.     ​Through collaboration with government, schools and private sectors, various skills development programs were conducted to sustain the livelihood of the community. But the enormous work involved in implementing the plans and programs requires more volunteers.  The  GK B&B  hopes to attract travelers to come and participate in developing and maintaining the houses and the community livelihood, while enjoying the everyday hospitality of the residents.


GK Pona Village is located within the GK Pona Village in Libmanan, Cam Sur Philippines.  Cam Sur is known as an ecotourism destination in the central Philippines, where you can find a number of natural attractions and tourist infrastructure, such as:

· The Concosep Nature Trail, Mount Isarog
· Cam Sur Watersports Complex
· Beach resorts in Caramoan Islands
· Palong Waterfalls
· Heritage buildings and monasteries


GK stands for Gawad  and Kalinga; these are two Filipino words which mean ‘give’ and ‘care’.  We exercise these values through the Filipino cultural practice of cooperation called bayanihan. Our desire is for all our visitors to experience bayanihan, giving you a unique and meaningful experience, as well as lasting relationships.   ​We are a Christian community but we welcome visitors of different cultural and religious backgrounds.  We prohibit smoking, drugs and alcohol as we want to maintain the fun-loving and peaceful environment in the village.

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Homestay Tours and Activities

Activities, which can be arranged with the host include: * farmind demonstrations * infrastructure building * livelihood development and implementation * hands-on farming training and agriculture activities * child and youth programs * social entrepreneurship programs * island hopping and other nature tours * cooking demonstrations * social entrepreneurship programs * nature trails

Participate in bayanihan (local practice of participation) in house building and social entrepreneurship with the locals at the GK Pona Village.

How to book: (1) Click ‘Book Now’ to submit a booking enquiry or request, (2) Wait for confirmation via email, (3) Finalise payments via PayPal or credit card (4) Contact your host.

Duration: 3 days
Max people: 12
Price: Adult: $80.00 - Children: $40.00
Adults: Children: Travel Date:

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