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The GK Enchanted Farm (GKEF) is a countryside platform where visitors can be exposed to the emerging field called social entrepreneurship. The GKEF uses a proof-of-concept approach in sharing knowledge–showcasing real social entrepreneurs with actual products and services in partnership with the community within the GKEF campus whose lives are directly impacted by these enterprises. Visitors are able to view the whole value chain for each social enterprise on the ground from the farmers who plant raw materials, to packaging, to marketing and up to the finished product–a unique approach that goes beyond classroom learning. As a hub for social entrepreneurship, the GKEF aims to build a more conducive ecosystem where scalable social enterprises and innovations can thrive and be sustainable.

The GKEF team come from different parts of the world, with varying skills and backgrounds, all contributing in creating this collaborative platform with the community as its main stakeholder.

Visitors and guests are able to partake in daily farm tours to learn about the history and the evolution of the first Farm Village University; take part in social enterprise demonstrations to learn firsthand what it takes to develop a social enterprise (with the goal of developing their own); and also be able to taste fresh farm produce in support of our farmer partners who grow them. While the GKEF is designed to help uplift the lives of the poorest of the poor, visitors are also able to enjoy recreational amenities inside the GKEF like its Wellness Center and Infinity Pool–as we believe that nation building should be both fun and fulfilling.


The GK Enchanted Farm is located in the Province of Bulacan (Angat). It is the nearest province north of Metro Manila (around 1.5-2 hours travel time by vehicle).


Since the landscape of the GK Enchanted Farm is a farm, we highly encourage our visitors and guests to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The Philippines is a tropical country which experience high levels of humidity and constant rainfall half the year.

The GK Enchanted Farm is a platform in creating innovative solutions on the ground in addressing today’s global challenges; we encourage our guests to come in with an open mind to a collaborative approach in solution making and strong belief that indeed together can end poverty within our lifetime.


The GK Enchanted Farm offers a variety of basic accommodations–from double occupancy per room to dorm-type facilities for sharing.


The GK Enchanted Farm is located north of Metro Manila. It is usually accessed via private transport (via expressways).   Directions to the farm can also be accessed through google maps and waze (key in: GK Enchanted Farm)

The Farm Village is open from Tuesdays to Sundays only.

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Homestay Tours and Activities

The Farm Tours (walking) are done inside the 35-ha property of the GK Enchanted. While not covering the entirety of the farm, guests will be able to witness different aspects of the farm and understand how each one connects to one another in building this unique collaborative platform towards nation building. Visitors and Guests in the GK Enchanted Farm will be able to: 1. Join a Farm Tour to better understand the history and evolution of Gawad Kalinga towards sustainability through its community-based platform. Be witness to the transformation of former informal settlers into productive members of society who continue to dream towards a better life, not only for their families, but for their community as a whole. 2. Participate in different types of social enterprise demos (the demos vary as we continue to develop existing and create new social enterprises as more social entrepreneurs join the platform). The demos covers a full value chain spectrum for participants to better appreciate and discover social business opportunities in different industries (mainly agricultural in

Visit the first Farm Village University in the world. It is a unique countryside platform in developing social enterprises that aims to create shared prosperity where no one is left behind; a proof-of-concept approach in addressing humanity's greatest challenges: Climate Change, Food Security and Extreme Poverty.

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Duration: 3 days
Max people: 40
Price: Adult: $50.00
Adults: Children: Travel Date:

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