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Pronounced as “Bahd-dhum-bong”, this town is the second largest town in Cambodia next to the capital, Phnom Penh. Battambang is 292 kilometers away (approximately five hours car/bus ride) from Phnom Penh and 80 kilometers (approximately three hours car/bus ride) away from Siem Reap. Running through the town center is the picturesque Sangke River. Battambang is not a very popular homestay tourism destination but is slowly growing in tourist numbers. You will see many french-styled buildings and storefronts among numerous temples and statues in Battambang reflecting its colonial history.

Battambang is primarily a farmer and trader town and most families are involved in agriculture. Battambang province is also the heart of Cambodia’s ‘rice bowl’ with acres of paddy fields stretching into the rural outskirts.

At Battambang Mission Home you will be involved in community development work such as teaching English in rural villages and/or at the town centre school, doing some construction work (depending on the need), organizing and running children/youth programs.


In the town center, there is the picturesque Sangker River and is lovely for morning and evening walks. There is also Phnom Sompov, the highest peak in the province and at the top, you will see an aerial view of Battambang and a historical landmark, the Killing Caves where a bloody manslaughter took place during the Polpot regime.

Other attractions include the fun and fast bamboo train ride and ancient temples such as Ek Phnom and Banan. An a blossoming attraction of late include the Battambang Phar Ponleu Selpak circus, a circus show by the locals, trained by professional circus crew from France.
The town center is rather small, with three main roads running through it, but it is an interesting place to explore as many small shops, cafes and art centers have emerged over the years.


As a country that is thick in religion and has certain cultural values, we ask that you dress appropriately and be sensitive to community norms. For ladies, try to avoid the following when you are out and about: Spaghetti or thin striped tops and dresses, short (above the knee) skirts or shorts, tube tops or dresses and overly exposed or see-through clothing. For guys, try to avoid sleeveless shirts or walking around topless when you’re out and and about.

Apart from the above, you are free to pack anything else from your wardrobe. We also suggest you bring a scarf, buff or mask for dust protection, especially when you’re on the motorbike.

There is a no smoking and drinking policy at the school center, at the hosts accommodation and in the villages where you will visit.

You will be volunteering alongside a Christian-based organization and we ask that you respect their services, prayer time and events organized for the community.

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Be involved in community development work, cooking demonstrations and sustainability forums through the off-the-beaten track of Battambang Mission Home.

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Duration: 3 days
Max people: 9
Location: CAMBODIA
Price: Adult: $140.00 - Children: $70.00
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