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You’re not exactly staying in someone’s village home, but it’s the next best thing. The Barauli Community Homestay provides a taste of authentic village life in a Tharu village, which is a stone’s throw away from Chitwan National Park.

Accommodation is provided in twelve little cottages that have been built by the villagers – simply furnished, but offers everything for a comfortable stay. Each cottage has a modern attached bathroom and cozy beds. The accommodation is basic, but rooms are attractive and clean. The village women, who are also the owner of each cottage, live nearby the homestay so that they can take care of their guests as staying at their homes.



The purpose of Barauli Community Homestay is to provide the platform and empowerment for locals (Tharu), one of the indigenous of Nepal, so that they can generate extra income from their very own houses. From medieval period, Tharu have been a very shy tribe making agriculture as their major occupation. So, this project came up with the purpose to boost up their confidence to accept and welcome globalization, yet protecting their culture and traditional values.

Barauli Community Homestay involves locals in every possible step – for jeep safari as a naturalist and welcome dance is performed by Tharu women from within the community. Interestingly, each cottage is named after a woman – who owns the respective cottage.  This project is all about preserving the beautiful culture of Tharu, and amplifying to the world.

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Homestay Tours and Activities

Cycling to Narayani River is one of the popular activities in Barauli. We recommend to cycle even in the evening because sunset looks like the mirage of the sun sinking inside the golden Narayani River. Visiting the community, observing the lifestyle of Tharu and their mud made home is also fascinating. Other activities include farming demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, volunteering, arts engagement and optional participation in religious rituals.

The Barauli Community Homestay in Nepal provides authentic village life in a Tharu village, a stone's throw away from Chitwan National Park.

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Duration: 3 days
Max people: 18
Price: Adult: $110.00 - Children: $55.00
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