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Located along the Andaman Sea Coast, the community in Ban Talae Nok Village lives a traditional Thai Muslim lifestyle. Activities offered include handicraft making, engaging livelihood demonstrations and nature-based activities. The women’s group makes soap from natural herbs and guest can learn the art of batik to create souvenirs. The long stretch of beach and the islands located 6 km from the coast are part of a marine protected area, which helps to keep the beautiful nature intact. During the dry season guests can board a long tail boat for a trip out to the Gam Islands, a hidden paradise with crystal clear waters. This village is great for families with small children and older guests, as it is only a short walk to the beach. Each home provides comfortable bedding and mosquito net for guests.


Ban Talae Nok community homestay program is based on the development continuum, which evolved after the tsunami, emphasizing empowerment, education and opportunity. Initially, they expressed concern that tourism would undermine their cultural traditions, spiritual practice, and pristine environment. After careful consideration the villagers decided to pursue community-based tourism, as a way to generate income and support the conservation of their culture, as this could fit into their lives while not displacing their traditional lifestyles. They feel this sustainable type of tourism creates a sense of place, identifying what they value as important parts of their culture and environment, and use this information to develop tourist activities.

Our goals are:

1. To be a small, high-quality organization with a fair distribution of profit between our business, communities, the environment, and partner groups in the North Andaman region.

2. To support community-led development by acting as a bridge to respectful visitors and volunteers through sponsorship of education, conservation, and cultural empowerment.


Kuraburi Town – The town of Kuraburi offers activities that showcase the area’s natural beauty and provide insight into life in a small rural Thai town. Experience local markets, visit Buddhist temples, take a bike ride through the plantations, hike to refreshing waterfalls, and tube on the river. Located three hours north of Phuket, Kuraburi sits along the Nang Yon river, surrounded by mountains and mangroves offering a striking alternative to mass tourism destinations. Kuraburi is our home and we can help arrange activities for all interests and abilities. Please inquiry for more information on what we can offer.

Thai Markets – Kuraburi Town has both a morning and evening market. In the morning, enjoy traditional Thai coffee or tea, homemade desserts and rice soup while you watch the locals convene to start their day. A translator can help you interact with the local Thai vendors and introduce you to the diverse foods and fruits. With all the variety available here, you are bound to encounter things that you have never seen before. In the evening, stroll the market to learn about different vegetables, street foods and desserts. Watch as the sunsets behind the mountains and the town becomes quiet and calm.

Temples – Kuraburi has three temples spread around this small Thai town. You can easily walk to two of them and take a bike ride to the third. Take in the unique architecture and peaceful environment and have the opportunity to speak with a monk. Here you learn more about Buddhism and its integral role in Thai culture. You can ask the monk questions about his way of life and view of the world. In the evening you have the opportunity to sit in on the monks chanting.

Waterfalls – The waterfalls of Kuraburi town offer refreshing options for you to beat the heat of the day. The Kuraburi Dam is located 13 km from the town and is the starting point for a variety of waterfalls and hikes for every type of adventurer. The shortest walk is only 1 km to reach a small pool area great for swimming and exploring. Venture a bit further and you will reach a small waterfall with large rocks to climb and jump from. For the most adventurous, there is long hike through the jungle up to the ‘7 pools’ which offers seven tiers of waterfalls and cool water pools perfect for swimming and exploring. This hike is best done with a local guide or park ranger, which can be arranged by Andaman Discoveries.  The Nai Tui waterfall is a short 7 km ride from the town center and a short walk to this smaller waterfall where locals like to gather to relax. The Suan Mai waterfall is located 17 km north from Kuraburi and is the tallest waterfall in the area.


We provide basic Thai accommodation with standard mattresses, pillow, blanket, fan.  A few houses have big halls with 4 single mattress, others have one room twin or double bed.  One homestay can accommodate 4-5 persons.

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Homestay Tours and Activities

Day 1 – Cultural Exchange - Meet your homestay family and take a walking tour of the village to learn about the history and the 2004 Tsunami - Learn the art of Batik- dyeing fabrics by using designs drawn in wax, keep as souvenir - Weave leafs of the Nypa palm with the villagers to make traditional roof panels - Enjoy a spectacular Andaman sunset while eating a delicious barbeque dinner on the beach. Share stories with your host family.
Day 2 – Natural Wonders - Take a journey through the mangrove forest and learn how the villagers are active in protecting this amazing ecosystem - Journey to the Gam Islands* and enjoy the white sand bays, go for a swim and snorkel in the clear blue waters. Have a picnic lunch on the beach - Fishing on the beach with local fisherman - Handicraft workshop with the women’s soap group - keep as souvenir - Relax on the beach for another sunset or learn the essentials of Thai cooking - Try on traditional Muslim clothing *Gam Islands are available during dry season November - April. For rainy season, enjoy an extended mangrove tour.
Day 3 – Village Life - Walk to the school for a panoramic view of the village - Make a local dessert snack – grilled coconut wrapped in a leaf - After lunch, Transfer to Andaman Discoveries’ office for debriefing

Be introduced to the traditional lifestyle and culture of local communities. Learn how to make Batik with the locals, weave the roof from the Nypa palm, make natural soap, cook Thai desert with coconut, and immerse in cultural exchange with the local community!

How to book: (1) Click ‘Book Now’ to submit a booking enquiry or request, (2) Wait for confirmation via email, (3) Finalise payments via PayPal or credit card (4) Contact your host.

Duration: 3 days
Max people: 35
Location: THAILAND
Price: Adult: $500.00 - Children: Free
Adults: Children: Travel Date:

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