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Together we create a global impact.

Take part in a global network of community tourism hosts and providers. Promote your homestay accommodation, community facilities, handicraft, food, livelihood training and other local activities. Register your community as a host in order to:

Achieve wider impact through online networking

​It’s time for community tourism hosts to take its place in online tourism marketing, and we are here to make it happen. From social branding to online networking, customization to service packaging, we are here to provide you with the support you need to attract students, professionals, researchers, families and individuals from different countries.

Be part of a global network

​There is strength in numbers. When you join this global Network, you are increasing your chances to be known and discovered. We are set to scale up our database to engage thousands of homestay tour providers in different countries all over the world.

Generate income for your community

You can either be an organization or a group of neighbours who has the capacity to organize members on a roster or hosting schedule so that everyone is given a chance to be the main host to particular tourist or group of ethical tourists.

Do you consider your community, village or organization worth a visit? Are there natural attractions, cultural activities or recreational facilities in your area?
Do you offer homestay or any form of visitor accommodation and services wherein at least 4 families participate and directly benefit from the services?
Do you offer tourist experiences where guests can have socially dynamic, meaningful and authentic experiences?
Do you have a permit/license/authority to organise the above services?
If you say yes to the above questions, you are welcome to sign up as a host community! Simply click the link to our online form below.