How to be a good host

The ways by which hosts look after themselves and their guests influence how their communities are worth a visit.

Firstly, hosts need to engage guests in meaningful and unique experience. Secondly, while guests may be aware of the risks involved in traveling, they must also feel that you want to keep them safe from harm and danger.

After the trip, the guests can then bring home positive memories which will make them want to come back for more.

Get involved

Guests would love to see a community’s sense of unity and cooperation. Find out how you can strengthen community relationships such as organizing sports events, festivals, tree-planting, or other forms of celebration which your guests would love to be a part of.

Highlight your strengths

What is it about your neighborhood or organisation that is worth showcasing? It could be your artistry, livelihood, natural environment, your garden, your cooking. Find out how you can conserve the uniqueness of your community so others can appreciate them and learn from them.

Be at your best

Having guests around means that you need to be “at your best” in order for your guests feel they are welcome. Maintaining a clean environment, putting out your best decor and striking a lively conversation are some examples that show how you value yourself and your community. ​

​Prioritise their safety

Make sure guests know what their boundaries are. While it is alright for guests to explore your area which is unfamiliar to them, they need to be informed of precautionary measures. Treat your guests the way you would treat your family; most likely, they would do the same to you. ​

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