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Thank you World HOST 2015

Community  homestay is the blossoming other side of tourism. This simple word has an ample meaning that is often misunderstood. Some might have heard it or maybe others are already doing it informally and unconsciously but you may never really appreciate its genuine meaning if you wouldn’t personally experience its richness and beauty. This has […]

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3 reasons why we support community homestay tourism

Community homestay tourism has been around for many years and yet, the low market demand has been a big challenge for homestay organisations.   In Malaysia and Thailand for example, homestays have been established in regional villages for over 25 years now. Many philanthropic travel agencies have already included homestay services in their travel packages.    However, getting enough number […]

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Why everyone should know about community homestay tourism

Community homestay tourism has been around for many years.   Yet still, a lot of people either has not heard of it or has not fully understood what it is and what values it brings to both tourists and local hosts. A travel experience More than just a tourist accommodation, community homestay is a travel experience, […]

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