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Community Homestay Global Network provides a centralised platform for communities and visitors to exchange knowledge, resources, networks and experiences.  


To create the first global network of community homestay providers and organisers aimed at increasing the international demand for community homestays, and providing a centralised platform for communities and visitors to exchange knowledge, resources, networks and experiences.


To position community homestay tourism as an emerging tourism type, recognised globally and, validated as a viable alternative to empower vulnerable communities, reduce poverty, enhance economic opportunities, conserve biodiversity, and facilitate sustainability.


1.To increase the number of community homestays represented in the network.
2.To increase the international demand for community homestays.
3.To organize and coordinate events and publications that transfer knowledge and experiences on community homestays and also promote best practices.
4.To become the first and unique global network of community homestays, recognized and supported by global and international NGOs.
5.To standardize the socio-cultural, environmental and economic criteria that community homestays should meet to operate.
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Bridging local and global

Our mission is focused on establishing a network of communities who are involved in socially and environmentally responsible tourism in different local settings.  In developing community homestays, we increase  the demand for community tourism destinations, making it competitive in the global tourism market.  The Network’s website takes advantage of the Internet’s ability to organise and connect the fragmented marketplace of community-based accommodations and tourism programs into a searchable database that is easy to use.

Promoting the other side

CommunityHomestay.org is a social enterprise that provides a marketing platform for communities located on “the other side” of tourism destinations.  Tourism destinations are divided in two: the front region and the back region of tourism.  The front region is where mainstream tourism activities are located: leisure, relaxation, amusement.   The back region is the other side of tourism which often remain unnoticed: social interaction, volunteering, training and immersion in the local’s daily life.  As a social enterprise, we promote responsible tourism that creates mutual benefits for hosts and tourists through unique and meaningful experiences.

Combining leisure and social contribution

Our visitors are mostly students, couples, families, professionals and social groups who value social interaction more than the destination.  We believe that tourism is good tourism if visitors value both leisure and social contribution at the same time. We seek visitors who desire to learn, help, and care for communities while enjoying unique and meaningful tourist experiences.

Building strength in numbers

Given the potential of community homestay tourism as a means for community development, there could be an average of 50 communities in just 20 countries, which gives a total of 1,000 community-based accommodation providers.   By establishing ​CommunityHomestay.org, the communities will be able to attract upto 1 million booking units per year and generate up to $5M net annual revenue.   Proceeds are invested back into communities to sustain and scale up their respective community development programs.